Tire trade clerk: 2 people
Post duties:
1., tire industry has more than 1 years experience in actual business export experience.
2., be able to communicate with overseas customers in English.
3. understand the import and export business process, familiar with foreign trade import and export business links, the use of the pay platform Alibaba, China manufacturing network and other network B2B platform to develop new customers, maintenance of old customers.

Treatment: basic salary 2500+ high commission + five social insurance and one housing fund and paid annual leave

1, college or above related education;
2, good command of spoken and written English, skilled in the use of various office software.
3, prudent and generous, work hard and earnest, confident and strong sense of responsibility.

Working hours:
Monday to Saturday morning, a day and a half a week.

Contact phone: 0532-86600208/86997848
Contact: Mr. Liu


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